Superintendent, Dr. Alex Cherniss recently shared what makes PVPUSD different. "The common thread is that many parents told me that they moved here for the schools. That tells me that the schools are really the backbone of this community. The magic that happens in the classroom, and the sparkle in the children’s eyes, is what really attracted me to this school district."

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With three new Board of Education members since 2018 began, and a new superintendent, we are a new governance team. However, we are committed to the same PVPUSD district goals of high achievement and financial stability, but with a vision towards what education might look like for our students in the decade of the 2020s.


One of our most important roles, besides hiring a superintendent, is to set District policy. It is then up to the staff to implement policy. Over the last few months, with the help of our three high school student board members, we have tackled several issues, always thorny to teachers, students and parents: cell phone use and homework.


Both policies are still undergoing revisions, but we have thought about issues of privacy rights of students and teachers not to be filmed without their consent on campus; of parents’ rights to track their children at all times; and of the impact of cell phones on learning, and on social-emotional health. We have divided up our work on an appropriate cell phone policy by grade level and look forward to a final policy next month.


We are also examining our homework policy, looking first at homework by grade level, in terms of how much per week, and also of the concept of giving students a break, perhaps over long holiday weekends, or even ending the semester in December. We look forward to presenting this policy in the next month as well. With both policies, several themes emerge: mental health and anxiety concerns, the need for sleep, and also the need for teacher discretion and for personal responsibility.


As I have visited schools this fall, I have enjoyed talking with students, principals, teachers and Dr. Cherniss about their desire to make our schools even better. Last week, I had the great joy of attending student council speeches at Silver Spur Elementary School, where both of my children ran for office with mixed success over the last decade. My message to the students who didn’t win was to simply keep running, next semester, next year, in high school, and in college. Their voices are that important.


In this vein of being involved, Board of Education agendas are posted on our website the Friday before each Wednesday meeting at www.pvpusd.net/agendas/. Please read them. We welcome public comment at our meetings and via email in advance of meetings. I am always available by email and to meet with community members, teachers, and parents on any topic, whether agendized or not.

Linda Reid


PVPUSD Board of Education


On November 14, 2018 the Governing Board of the Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified School District authorized the formation of a Facilities Advisory Committee (FAC). 

The initial work of the FAC is to build awareness and mutual understanding of the state of the District facilities.  The ongoing work of the FAC is to identify potential priorities in repairs and upgrades to District site facilities. 

At their meeting on January 23, 2019, the Board selected the committee members who will be a part of this project.  For additional information, please visit:  www.pvpusd.net/fac/
Enroll for the Next School Year in 2019-20

The Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified School District will begin accepting new student enrollment for the 2019-20 school year on February 1 at 9:00 a.m.
  For more information, please visit http://pvpusd.net/enrollment/ or call (310) 896-3401.


On February 1st, Ridgecrest Intermediate will launch its inaugural RISTix Pep Rally. This event will celebrate our students and their successful first half of the school year.  At the beginning of the school year, our faculty and staff presented the schoolwide practices and behaviors that we expect our students to follow in order to be successful at Ridgecrest.  Some of the practices focused on being Responsible, others focused on showing Integrity and others focused on Safety. Students have been rewarded with RISTix throughout the year every time they exhibit these behaviors.  The students turn these RISTix in for drawings every two weeks. To date, we have collected over 31,000 RISTix from our students.  The RISTix Rally is an exciting, entertaining event, full of surprises and prizes, and a true celebration of our students.  It is our way of showing them how proud we are of their behavior and how well they have embraced what it means to be a Ridgecrest Raider!

  RISTix students 
An Annual School Tradition

At Soleado Elementary we are proud to have a community that is made up of families from all over the world. To celebrate this, we hold an International Day every year. This special day on our school calendar allows our families to share their cultures. Every student is given the opportunity to learn about different countries and cultures. During our International Day our families share information, food and games from their countries. Many of our students come dressed in traditional costumes for the day. We also have entertainment from different cultures, including dances from Japan, Korea and India.  Our 4th Grade classes join in entertaining us on this day. We are all able to enjoy the culminating performance of their eight week performing arts unit.


This year, after four straight days of rain, the weather cooperated and our annual tradition was enthusiastically celebrated by all on Friday, January 18th.



The District's Food Services department currently offers lunch service at all 16 school sites and breakfast at all intermediate and high schools. All cafeterias feature a local and seasonal salad bar. All meals include adequate protein and only whole grains, in addition to meeting the recommended fat and sodium guidelines.



For your convenience, the district uses an online payment system, Titan School Solutions, which can be accessed through the Aeries Parent Portal. Through Titan, you are able to add funds to your student’s cafeteria meal account and monitor transactions.  For more information about Food Services, we encourage you to visit  www.pvpusdschoolnutrition.net. 

Arts at Cornerstone
An important part of the school culture.

Cornerstone Elementary School is always buzzing with exciting and enriching activities. Our school holds tight to the belief in nurturing the whole child by providing multiple experiences to enhance teaching and learning. Visual and Performing Arts is something that the Cornerstone teachers and parents have continuously valued and supported.  We love giving children the opportunity to excel in an area that they may have never tried before. It also allows students to step 
out of their comfort zone and learn how to feel confident on stage performing in front of others. Our third graders recently shined on stage with an outstanding production of Peter Pan. Mrs. Amanda Baird, from Musical Theater Los Angeles, led thirteen rehearsals and the final show. During the weeks leading up to the show, the teachers and parents worked with students to create costumes, design the set, and rehearse songs, choreography and lines.  On the show day, the multi-purpose room was transformed into a magical scene.  The students sang, danced, and performed with all their might. Their hard work, dedication, and perseverance were notable with how well the shows were performed. The students said that it was one of their favorite activities of the year. We will continue to guide and provide opportunities for Cornerstone children to shine, on and off stage, as that brings joy to all! 



A group of students at Point Vicente Elementary were completing a unit of study in math on graphing data. Their teacher wanted some “real life” data that might engage the students. The principal provided a sample week of data on tardiness and absences – an area the school is working hard on improving.


The students graphed the data and met with the principal to explore the questions and ideas the data had inspired.The students identified the negative impact on the school community, guessed at why students were absent/tardy, and identified solutions for home and school. They suggested slogans including: “Grades Go Down When You’re Not Around” and “Show up. Grow Up!” What a great way to engage students in both mathematics and improving attendance!



Alison Kim, Nina Li,  Emily McGinn (Leadership Team of The Pen Newspaper)

On January 1, 2019, sophomore Nicolette Fernandez participated in the New Year’s Day parade in Rome, Italy as an All-American dancer. As the captain of Peninsula’s varsity pep flag team, Nicolette Fernandez was chosen through an audition at a summer camp held by the United Spirit Association to take part in the parade, dancing with hundreds of other cheerleaders from across the nation.

“At first I was slightly nervous because I knew absolutely no one who was going to Rome from any team,” Nicolette Fernandez said. “But I made so many new friends along the way and had so much fun with them. It felt so good to be around such talented people from all over the United States. Making these new friends and making special memories with them was the best part of my experience.”
PVPHS Flag Team

Nicolette Fernandez began pep flag at Miraleste Intermediate School in the Short Flags club. When she entered high school, she joined the Peninsula pep flag team. The team performs at school events such as sports games and pep rallies. To prepare for performances, Nicolette Fernandez leads the girls in practicing routines and spends hours perfecting their moves.
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Natasha Stein (PVHS Sophomore)


As the finish line for 2018 got closer and closer, the students and staff in Marine Biology at PVHS paddled to the finish line of the pool. An anticipated tradition, the Marine Biology class puts on a project that can be enjoyed by the whole school. These students spent the past few weeks putting together ideas, designs, and boats. They were instructed to choose a theme and stick with that theme for the decorations of the boat and the “costume” of the pilot.


These are not the typical boats you would find sailing the seas; the boats were made entirely out of cardboard and duct tape. The goal of the race is to get the boat to the other side without sinking. 

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Heather Bryant (PVHS Junior)


On December 7th, 2018, almost two hundred people gathered in the MPR to hear the PVIS Jazz Ensemble and PVHS Jazz Band 1 and 2 perform in the winter jazz concert. The PVIS Jazz Ensemble opened up with songs that included ‘The Bare Necessities’ before letting Jazz 1 and 2 take the stage to perform a variety of older songs.


“We’re playing a little bit of everything, like some old jazz standards such as ‘Little Brown Jug’ and jazz arrangements of Christmas songs like ‘Santa Baby’ and ‘Here Comes Santa Claus,’” PVHS Music Department head Shellie Parkinson said.


Following PVIS’s opening few numbers, Jazz 1 got up on stage to perform such songs as 

Jazz Band 1

‘Harlem Nocturne’ and ‘Big Mama Cass’, the latter of which senior guitarist Jesse Butler performed a solo, “Even though I didn’t get to play on it, my favorite song was ‘Harlem Nocturne’ because it was nice and slow and the melody sounded like it was from an old crime movie,” Butler said.

After Jazz 1 carried out their performance, Jazz 2 took the stage to play some jazz standards and Christmas songs, before finishing up with ‘Children of Sanchez’. ‘Santa Baby’ featured two vocalists, with some of the verses being sung in English by Jazz 2 pianist and vocalist Lea Rundblad, and some of the other verses being sung by Chilean exchange student Emilio Orellano in Spanish.

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Grace Hsieh (PVHS Freshman)


Coffee Cart

This school year, the Life Skills class is getting more hands-on experience in working with the school and local community through the newly implemented classroom recycling program, coffee cart, and inventory tasks at the Lunada Bay Market.


Recycling is a vocational opportunity that allows the students to participate in meaningful social interaction and develop a sense of responsibility.


Life skills teacherDaniel Kilpatrick thought this weekly task would be a great activity to promote positive social interactions outside of the classroom.

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